Who Are We?

As the leading experts in Kundalini Yoga in Metro Phoenix Area, we are invested in your personal and spiritual growth.


We invite you to experience Kundalini Yoga which speaks to the soul using a profound and ancient technology that that is designed to help

  • Meet Your True Potential & Destiny
  • Activate Your Physical and Energetic Bodies
  • Cope with the Stresses of Today
  • work, financial, relationships
  • information and electronic overload
  • the world’s changing paradigm
  • Provide an Immediate Self-Exalted Experience   (Even after one class!)
  • Expedite the Spiritual Journey

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhagan, is not “pretzel yoga”. Rather, it is focused on the flow of energy that stokes the inner fire and increases one’s focus and awareness. It is appropriate for all ages and abilities; new students start every day with our beginner friendly classes.

Yoga Phoenix is the premier resource center in Arizona for Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhagan. All our teachers are internationally certified and we offer a full array of classes every day. We are conveniently located in Central Phoenix, in the Historic Coronado District at Oak Street and Richland. As part of the non-profit organization, 3HO of Arizona, we are all about creating a community through classes, concerts, workshops, and other special events.

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Breath, Kriyas, Asanas, and Much More!

Yoga Phoenix invites you to experience the life-changing benefits of Kundalini Yoga in one of the oldest established Kundalini Yoga centers in the world! We’ve been around since 1970, all our teachers are internationally certified, and new students start every day with our beginner friendly classes.

New to Kundalini Yoga?

No Problem, Let’s Get You Started

Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, is the original and most powerful system of Yoga. It is excellent for students of all levels of experience. The best way to learn about Kundalini Yoga is to experience it for yourself.

Whether you have already tried a few Kundalini Yoga classes or you are just starting to consider attending one, the following guidance will help you start off strong.

Teacher Training

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Whether your intention is to teach at a professional level or to accelerate your own personal growth, this comprehensive training course is designed to provide the tools necessary for a more complete understanding of the philosophy, techniques, practice, and lifelong benefits of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of awareness.