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The best way to gain an in-depth understanding of Kundalini Yoga is to take part in a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course.  These courses are for serious students of Kundalini Yoga who want to take their practice and learning to a deeper level.

Teacher Training courses provide transformational and educational experiences whether you want to be a yoga teacher or not. These courses cover all the basics of Kundalini Yoga as well as exploring topics such as lifestyle, philosophy, spiritual development, and humanology.

Summary of the 3 Levels: This program is based on the comprehensive science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. The Aquarian Teacher™ program is a journey of your development as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. There are three levels of certification:

KRI Level One: Foundations and Awakening – Instructor

KRI Level Two: Transformation – Practitioner

KRI Level Three: Realization – Teacher.

Yogi Bhajan Bio: Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, arrived in the United States in 1969 with a stated purpose: “I have come to create Teachers, not to gather disciples.” For over 30 years, he traveled internationally teaching Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness. Through The Aquarian Teacher Program™, Yogi Bhajan has trained thousands of KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers. In 1994, the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, (IKYTA), was formed to further spread these priceless teachings through the united efforts of Kundalini Yoga teachers worldwide.




The Aquarian Teacher ™, KRI Level One Teacher Training Program:

Whether your intention is to teach at a professional level or to accelerate your own personal growth, this comprehensive training course is designed to provide the tools necessary for a more complete understanding of the philosophy, techniques, practice, and lifelong benefits of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness.

Program Description: The   Aquarian Teacher™ program   is   the KRI   Level   One Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. In Level One you will become an Instructor and learn the fundamental principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga. This is a 220-hour course, which includes over 180 hours of classroom instruction in a well-defined curriculum.


The Aquarian Teacher™ program is a KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) Level 1 Certification course in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. Students who complete the course requirements are eligible for membership in the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) as well as becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance. KRI licensed courses through Yoga Phoenix are certified through KRI.  KRI is recognized as a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance.

Message from Licensing Lead Trainer, Jaap Kaur:

2018 participants: Expand and grow on this ‘jet plane of yogas’ as Yogi Bhajan called Kundalini Yoga. Your learning curve may be straight up and your expansion equally large externally and internally. Let go of all self imposed limitations and imagined disabilities to experience and manifest greatness and prosperity on all levels. You will receive full support and inspiration through this journey toward vastness and liberation, as you learn the tools and apply them! Come with openness and commitment to heal on all levels with grace, gratitude and humility. Regardless if you teach or just support the universe with your higher vibration — you and all benefit! Empower Yourself to Deliver Yourself with Ease!


Messages from Trainer Team:

Sevak Singh Khalsa, Lead Trainer:

2018 participants: “Deliver Yourself with Commitment”. Those who do will create life changing results.
This course is for personal growth and exploration and a firm basis in the science of Kundalini Yoga. At the course completion the student may apply for certification with KRI and membership in IKYTA provided those guidelines are met. This course is for students to deepen their practice by becoming qualified level 1 Kundalini Yoga instructors.


This 6-Month Program includes 11 weekends (22 days) of training classes, a bonus yogic lifestyle retreat, White Tantric Yoga, and 50 hours of independent study, practice, and student teaching within a range of
study topics, including:

Relating to Roots of Kundalini Yoga, Golden Chain & Yogi Bhajan

Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle

Western & Yogic Anatomy

Learning & Practicing Kundalini Yoga Basics & More

Awakening the Consciousness – Meditation, Sound & Mantra, Celestial Communication

Identity and Responsibility of the Teacher Role

Health and Energy

Aquarian Age Awakening & Teacher Support Role


Program Support

This in-depth teacher training will take place between January and June, 2018. Each student is interviewed and receives personal guidance in order to shape a personal program of Kundalini Yoga practice done during the course, to deepen their experience and help them move readily towards their personal goals.


Teaching Team

This course is taught by an experienced team of internationally certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Professional & Lead Trainers and Associate Trainers. Learn more about our Teaching Team.


Materials and Supplies

The Aquarian Teacher Level One Textbook, Practice Manual, and The Master’s Touch book by Yogi Bhajan are provided materials included in your tuition.



Anyone who is a KRI certified Level 1 Instructor can audit the course individual days for $20 per day or audit the full course days for $500 (price excludes white tantric yoga and retreat).  2015 grads have pre-paid audit through June, 2018.  Refer to course curriculums for daily content coverage and assigned trainers.  We ask you to notify Lead Trainer in advance of the audit days to support planning.


2018 Phoenix Schedule

Generally there are 2 and occasionally 3 weekends

a month, plus a retreat and White Tantric Yoga!

Jan 6,7, 20,21 Feb 3,4, 24,25 March 10,11, 24,25

April 14,15, 28,29 May 12,13, 26,27 Jun 9,10.

       + Bonus Retreat: April 6, 4pm through April 8, 4pm

+ White Tantric Yoga: Feb 10, 8am to 6pm


Tuition and Payment

Very Early Bird Rate paid by Oct 15 is $2800.

Early Rate paid by Dec 15 is $3000.

Regular Rate paid by First class (Jan 6) is $3200.

Customized Payment Plan paid by May 7 is $3500.

Contact Jaap.Kaur@cox.net 602-410-4782



1. Please download and complete the Teacher Training Registration Form and turn it in to our administrative office by mailing (to address below), bringing in person, or emailing to info@yogaphoenix.com.

2. Please pay and complete the registration process online, in person (at our office), or mail to:

Yoga Phoenix

2308 N. Richland St.

Phoenix, AZ 85006

Class size is limited to ensure personal attention and quality. Early registration is recommended to reserve your place. Click here to register now!

We are happy to meet with you in person to discuss the program

or to help you with registration. Please contact us to arrange a meeting

with a member of the Teacher Training team.

For more information: Call 602-271-4480 or 602-410-4782

info@yogaphoenix.com or jaap.kaur@cox.net

Recommended Reading

For in-depth study of Kundalini Yoga topics, the following books are suggested.

  • The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets

    by Yogi Bhajan Gurucharan S. Khalsa

    This book covers the workings of the mind and includes Yogi Bhajan lectures and meditations for effecting different aspects of the mind. This book is a fascinating read and the meditations are powerful and specific for creating change in mental attitude.

    Buy now!

  • The Master's Touch

    by Yogi Bhajan

    This book is received as part of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program or can be purchased separately. It includes Yogi Bhajan lectures from two teacher training courses and meditations that were taught during those courses. This book is a great way to learn from the direct words of Yogi Bhajan, Master Teacher of Kundalini Yoga.

    Buy now!