At Yoga Phoenix we provide the best Kundalini Yoga classes and professional, experienced teachers while maintaining affordable prices. 5 and 10 class passes are good for six (6) months (any classes from a 5 or 10 class pass that are unused at the time of expiration can be transferred to a new pass when you purchase a new class pass).

Your first class is just $5!

First Class………….. $5   

Single Class……….. $12   

5 Class Pass……….. $55  

10 Class Pass……… $90  

1 Month Unlimited… $95   

3 Month Unlimited… $250  

6 Month Unlimited… $495   

1 Year Unlimited….. $795   

Special Events…….. $15   

Workshops…………. VARY

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New Student Special
Receive a 20% discount on any class pass when purchased on the same day as your first class at Yoga Phoenix.

Honoring Our Veterans

We now offer free regular classes to all veterans. We salute you!

Senior Discount
Students 65 and over receive a 10% discount on class passes of 5 or greater.
All discounts applied through reception only, not available through online purchase. Verification required.

Practice 40 Days to Make a Change!

Yogic science teaches that it takes 40 days to create or change a habit.  A 40-day commitment to change can provide the shift needed to develop a healthy habit or to drop a destructive habit.

There are several approaches to a 40-day practice. Some students start by attending yoga classes 40 days in a row. This is a great way to strengthen the body and commit to a set length of practice time each day.

A 40-day practice is demanding. It is difficult. But you can do it. The 40-day practice gives you the experience of discipline, and it teaches you that you can go through the challenges in life and create the change you desire.

Practice Sadhana

Sadhana is a daily personal practice.  In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, it is suggested that a personal practice be done early in the morning, ideally before sunrise! This time is the optimal time for spiritual practice and it prepares you for the day ahead. However, a Sadhana practice can be done at any time.

Sadhana can be a few minutes of meditation when you wake in the morning, it can be a yoga class you attend, or it can be any spiritual practice.

FUN FACT: 70% of the people who called Yogi Bhajan for help were NOT practicing a daily sadhana.