Trainers for this course are:


Jaap Kaur Khalsa ( Kitty Pope ) – Licensing Lead Trainer, Mesa, AZ

Began Kundalini Yoga in 2001, journeyed to India, Deep Immersion Level 1 Teacher Training with Yogi Bhajan 2002 then other courses until Yogi Bhajan passed 2004. Trainer Academy since 2007. Level 2 cert 2009 and Level 3 in progress. Teaches Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops, gong events, and Level 1 Teacher Training. Philosophy is come from the heart and let the Divine & Golden Chain be your guide. Serve the teachings with grace and humility.  Heart-centered goals inspires & supports all to grow & use personal projection to manifest prosperity on all levels.  Monitors & supports all students to grow from where they are, open horizons to more options of joy.



Sevak-Gong-web-300x220Sevak S Khalsa – Lead Trainer Phoenix, AZ

Been teaching 40 years and specializes in meditation and mind focused through Pranayam (breath meditation) and yogic philosophy. Believes all aspects of the human condition can be elevated through this practice delivered by Yogi Bhajan. Conducts Level 2 and 21 Stages Teacher Training,    re-birthing and deep meditation courses for men & women.





Sangeet Kaur Khalsa – Lead Trainer Phoenix, AZ

Founder & teaches Womanheart (R) retreats for women (25 yrs); founder/teaches Blessings Code (TM) numerology with workshops, videos and webcasts. Founder & teaches of Journey to Brahm Prakash (TM) Global Seva retreats. Founding member KRI Teacher Training Executive Committee. Trained directly with Yogi Bhajan for 30 years. Author of 3 books — on the yogic women’s teachings and Blessings Code. Trains Level 2 and 21 Stages Teacher Training courses.