Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga teaches yoga and awareness through yogic exercises, story-telling, and fun games for children. These classes instill responsibility and respect for self and others, and provide tools to encourage focused, calm, and centered behavior.

Whats more, Kids Yoga classes are a great place for your child to meet and enjoy other yoga friends in a community environment that promotes peace and self-confidence.

Kids Yoga Classes

Yoga Phoenix offers Kids Yoga classes for ages 4-10 years. Younger children are welcome in Mommy & Me classes (see below.) Our classes are ongoing classes and kids can start anytime. Our regular yoga passes can be used for these classes (if parents have a pass) or a Kid’s pass can be purchased at a discounted rate. Single classes are $9.

Cobra snake!

“Kids Yoga is Fun! My favorite is doing the running sheep or the cobra snake. I love the song about the earth.”

– Satvinder, age 4

Mommy & Me Classes

Mommy & Me (Postnatal Yoga) classes provide a fun way for mother and child to connect while exploring yoga together. We offer two classes: one class for ages 6 weeks until toddler age and one class geared for crawlers to toddlers. Join us for a sweet interaction and take advantage of this opportunity to meet other mothers. Our classes are ongoing so that you may begin at any time.

Feel Happy!

“It is really, really fun – you should come! I like when we do the camel ride. Kids Yoga makes me feel happy.”

– Elia, age 8