Many people know that Yoga Phoenix enjoys a long and special relationship with its neighbor, the Guru Nanak Dwara (We love this neighborhood and other neighbors too!). So we couldn’t help but to feel excited for our neighbor when something good is about to happen.

Mark your calendar for the weekend of April 21-23: Amazing fundraising concerts at the new Guru Nanak Dwara (2302 N 9th St, Phoenix AZ, 85006)

Come enjoy beautiful, spiritual music that will lift you up to the heavens, played by expert musicians from Australia. Help us to raise the energy of this neighborhood with your presence and become part of the history of the Guru Nanak Dwara.

Details of the performance are as follow:

Bhai Dya Singh Ji World Music Group (Australia) – April 21 – 23

Bhai Dya Singh Ji World Music Group (Australia) will be making their return to Guru Nanak Dwara after many years. Bhai Dya Singh Ji has a long standing history with the Guru Nanak Dwara Sangat as he used to help run the Flagstaff Sikh Youth Camps put on by Guru Nanak Dwara. Since 1995, Bhai Dya Singh Ji has released 26 albums and toured across the world spreading Gurbani. We are honored to have diverse programs with Bhai Dya Singh Ji listed below.

The weekend’s schedule is as follows:

Friday Night April 21st – Bhai Dya Singh Ji will be playing at 7:30pm

Saturday Morning April 22nd – Bhai Dya Singh Ji and Dr. Onkar Singh Ji will be leading a Sikh Youth camp from 9am – 1pm (Free Admission)

Sunday April 23rd – Bhai Dya Singh Ji will be playing in Gurdwara at noon.

Qais Essar & Neelamjit Singh – Fundraising Rabab & Tabla Concert – April 22nd from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Qais Essar and Neelamjit Singh will be returning to Guru Nanak Dwara on the night of Saturday April 22nd from 7:00pm – 9:00pm for a two (2) hour fundraising Rabab and Tabla concert. We will be serving Indian-Style Mexican food and Indian Chai for all and there’s a $25.00 requested donation per attendee.

At their last concert, Sunday March 5th, Qais and Neelamjit drew over 80 members of the Sangat and helped raise $1,900 towards completing the Guru Nanak Dwara construction.

After their last concert, Qais Essar and Neelamjit filmed a short video in the gurwara couryard:

Please contact Har Rai Singh if you have questions or wish to make a reservation: INFO@GURUNANAKDWARA..COM.

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